Sarah Fewell Handcrafted

Sarah Fewell Handcrafted is a one-woman show! My very first post on this blog details my journey, first as an Etsy shopaholic, through the creation of three prior Etsy-based shops, to my latest and greatest (and hopefully final endeavor)--Sarah Fewell Handcrafted!

As a kid, I always loved art class. The colors, the textures and patterns, the feeling of working with your hands to create something unique. Through high school and my first year of college I engaged in creative works. Then, "life" (boyfriend turned husband, college and grad school, the love of my life--my dog Laila (hehe) took over). Until...I found Etsy! Although juggling family, work and this little love affair can be stressful at times, I wouldn't give it up for the world.

10 Fun facts about the artist (me!)

1. I have dyed my hair (variations of) blond since I was 14 years old

2. I love to swim. When I was little I hated water, but the Aquarius in me took over!

3. I believe in ghosts, but don't want to tap into that realm of the world for fear of takeover

4. My family makes a dish no other person I've ever met eats: elbow noodles, cottage cheese, sour cream, salt and pepper (if you have eaten it, please let me know, so i can tell my husband not everyone thinks it's disgusting...lol)

5. I'm a dessert-a-holic -- anything sweet and I crumble (my favorite: key lime pie from J. Alexander's!)

6. I recently started doing Zumba to combat #5 (and love it although I'm not very coordinated)

7. I love Kenny Chesney's music and if I could sit in a blue rocking chair all day with no shoes and no shirt maybe I'd have it all! (and if you know all three songs I'm referring to, you're a fan too!) ...and can we (pretty please) add a margarita to that mix!

8. I've been overseas 1x in my life -- to Israel -- it was amazing, but I am longing to travel--England, Greece, Italy and Spain!

9. I have a fat, humongous, gigantic, overly-large orange cat named Carson (we feed him diet food, but nothing works!)

10. My husband and I did a taste test -- Coca-cola vs. Coke Zero and they really do taste (almost) exactly alike -- you go scientists at Coke!